Review: Better Than Good Foods Puffs

Rating: 9 out of 10.
They take better images than I ever could, click the image to go directly to the page! It is worth it, honestly. Support a small company directly and not amazon!

What can I say about these? The first time I did Keto, I was miserable. I literally was eating a small bag of sunflower seeds as my only snack and was on the verge of a breakdown, seriously. I didn’t get to be almost 300lbs by not liking food, right? (Even if there were other issues that brought it up that high.) I longed for that salty, crispy, *snack* food. Not a nut, not cheese, nothing that was making me want to gag from the repetitiveness. I think I am not alone going through this. Sometimes overly rich food is just too heavy.

Enter my constant search for something tasty, and I stumbled on these in a Keto Crate from my one month I was gifted it. My mind was BLOWN. Crunchy, salty, light, airy… and that fake cheese flavor everyone loves even if they won’t admit it. When I discovered there was more flavors? I was hooked honestly. I am going to try and be objective and break things down though. It does not have a perfect score and there are some reasons

A picture of the puffs in my hand for comparison sake. Pictured is Strawberry and Cream flavor!


  • They are crunchy but not heavy. Not like a crispy bacon, pork rinds, or a cheese crisp. They are crispy and light. A huge plus in my book!
  • They have wonderful macros. 110-160 Calories depending on the flavor. They have on average 4.5 grams of fat, 14-15 grams of protein, and either 3-4 net carbs depending on the flavor. Good for Diabetics, Keto-ers, or a Snack for kids that is not sugar loaded
  • Variety of flavors. I will go in depth below! There are some real winners here, a few losers too.
  • Micronutrients are not bad either! The blend of fruits and veggies really helps. Vitamins A,D, and C. Riboflavin, Niacin, Thiamin, Iron,and some Potassium.
  • Bite sized so good to pop in mouth.
  • No artificial ingredients.
  • Gluten and Nut Free


  • Very small. I get it for portion control and portability. Makes sense, but they are a small bag. You may even think it is a trial size at first. (Though as I advanced in ketosis, I found it was just the right amount. It took a while to get there though)
  • Kind of Expensive: A six pack of them is 15.97 (2.67 a bag) at the time of writing this, plus shipping. Considering their size it is really hard to justify that if you are lower income like me. I had to plan and use these as a treat. That is the biggest thing keeping them from 5 star.
A picture of the label for Baked Cheddar

Ok, so the flavors! My review and opinion:

Baked Cheddar: Good, if not a little too strong. It has that “it” factor and is accessible. Salty, light, and snack able. I do not think I could beyond a portion one sitting without it hurting my tongue from the sharpness though. Maybe a positive to small size. 8/10

Jalapeno Cheddar: THE BEST. If you like light heat and cheesy this is the one. Honestly, it is less sharp than the normal cheddar and is the one I crave the most 10/10

Chicago Style Pizza: I’ll pass. It was the definition of meh and the tomato flavor was too strong. I wanted something like pizza combos: I got acidic tomato, unidentifiable herb, and sharp cheddar and it was just… not good to me. Some people will like it 4/10

Ranch: It is…alright. Do not expect cool ranch doritos as far as flavor, this has some of that same overpowering sharpness as the cheddar but a lot of herbs and some intrigue. Less accessible to everyone IMHO 6/10

Tangy BBQ: I am normally not a BBQ person…key word: normally. These had something special that I was into. It was tangy, kinda sweet, and a good facsimile for BBQ chips with the unique crunch of the puffs 8/10

Cinnamon Roll: Not good. The coating feels waxy, not enough cinnamon, not sweet enough. Just not for me. 2/10

Salted Caramel: It is alright. That salty sweet thing that people love, though Caramel flavor is a little different than real caramel. One of the better “sweet” options they call breakfast puffs. 7/10

Strawberries and Cream: If you like strawberry, this is a hit. Knocks it out of the park. Sweeter than the others, a little tart and very much obvious what it is supposed to be. 9/10

Keto Chocolate Puffs: MEH. Nothing else to say. There is SOOO much better keto chocolate out there, do not settle for MEH at this price point 5/10

I hope you give them a try! They really are tasty and a good treat if you need something to fulfill that Niche for a snack food. The story behind the company is nice, and I enjoy the product. I want them to grow into something even better.

Thank you for reading my review!

I assure you I am not sponsored, especially being this small and new of a blog.
I just felt like I should say that incase there is a skeptical person out there.

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