Review: L’oven Fresh Keto Friendly Bread

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.
This is my favorite loaf, though it comes in two flavors.

Bread on Keto is pretty difficult. There are a million recipes, but the vast majority of them are dense, eggy, or just have an after taste that just is not worth it. Plus if you are counting the carbs….one slice for 2-3 carbs adds up fast…and honestly, who the hell has the time to bake bread everytime you want a sandwich? I am not that person.

That is what makes this bread so appealing. It is not dense, it taste like wheat, because it has wheat in it. Shocker, I know. Strict Keto followers are definitely not a fan, and gluten intolerant individuals may not love it either. Me though? I am so thankful for this glorious example of FOOD RnD. Better yet? It is available in Aldi for not that much more than a normal loaf of bread.

What goes better with bread than butter? Maybe Avocados…


  • The taste. As I stated above, you get used to kind of eggy substitutes on keto. They have that spongy weirdness, and that sulfer-y aftertaste. Its not good for a lot of versatility even if recipes tout it as such.
  • Available at Aldi. A major grocery retailer in most areas of the United States and parts of Europe.
  • Toasts beautifully.
  • Versatile. You can make french toast, garlic bread, toast, sandwiches.
  • High in fiber. On days where all you want is a good simple American Breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage and toast… You can have it all and still get some fiber in.
  • Very low (if not 0) carbs.
Enlarged to show texture. 🙂 It’s pretty spot on.


  • While the texture is a pro, it is not perfect. Do not expect normal bread….it is a little more rubbery? I am not sure how to describe it but something is off if you compare it directly to bread.
  • A bit deceptive in carb count. Yes, it is probably 1 carb per slice or less… but there is starches and the way that nutritional labels are printed you can round decimals up or down, and companies often do this to make their product more appealing.
  • Shelf life is short. Freeze it if you do not plan to eat the entire loaf in the first week.
  • Gluten. If you have Celiac or Gluten Intolerance, this is a hard pass for you. I personally have no inflammation or issues from gluten so this is perfect Dirty Keto.
A TOAST to us. Get it? I will see myself out now.

I hope this has helped you make a decision if you were on the fence about buying it. I think it should be given a try. I use it for pasta nights with garlic butter and melted cheese. Definitely makes it feel more “comforting”. It could definitely be a tool to help you maintain your diet long term. Let me know if you like it you tried it and liked it!

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Hello everyone! I am a thirty something wanting to help others enjoy food that taste good, and is low in carbs. Ketoers, Diabetics, and just people who don't want their kids addicted to the sweet white stuff. Who I am does not matter as much as what I do. That is make recipes, review some snacks, and try and make life easier.

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