Review: Bang Coconut Chips

Rating: 8 out of 10.
A bag of delicious coconut chips. A whole food that taste pretty great.

I think there is a bit of a pattern in the things I gravitate toward, and that is obviously chip like products. I am a snaky person, and there is a comfort around the memories of grabbing a bag of chips, sitting on the sofa and cuddled up watching a movie. Replicating that was priority number one on Keto. So, lots of these early reviews are going to be of snacks.

So how do they compare to the titan that is delicious protein puffs? Or the almond crackers I’m addicted to? Honesty pretty well. Let’s go to the pros and cons?


  • There is a good variety of options! A quick peak at the website shows there are 5 different flavors of the coconut chips. Mango, salted, caramel, chocolate and original.
  • Their carb counts for the different options are between 5-13 net carbs per serving. Not the lowest but definitely not the worst either.
  • They are crunchy but not hard. If you ever had a flax cracker you know what I mean by hard.
  • Versatile! Snack on them, use it for Granola in Yogurt, Keto Ice Cream Topping or crushed up for sprinkles.
  • Good micronutrients.
  • Decent Portion size. 1/3 of a cup is still bigger than the 1/4 cup standard on peanuts, almonds, etc.
  • Healthy natural MCTs
  • Tastes. I get this one is going to be subjective. If you like a hint of coconut these are good though!
A small bit in my hand. They are smaller than a lot of chips but still snackable


  • Reliant on you liking coconut.
  • Kinda Pricey. They are typically between $3-$5 a bag. That is a lot for a snack food if they are not on sale.
  • Calorically dense. More so than even nuts or some fat bombs. 180 Calories per serving!
  • Small sized bags. Typically 3 servings a bag means you get very little. A common trait with low carb foods I hope changes in the future. I would love to buy a huge bag of them and individually portion out in my own bags/snack containers.
  • Flavors can be hard to find in stores.
The real star of the show. Stock images of coconuts.

Bottom line? They are good! One of the better brands of coconut “chip” type products. The quality good, the lightly salted variety are not overwhelming and sweet and is by far my favorite. Though I have been known to get down munching on the Mango one (when I can find it!)

Try them for yourself and let me know what you think!

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Hello everyone! I am a thirty something wanting to help others enjoy food that taste good, and is low in carbs. Ketoers, Diabetics, and just people who don't want their kids addicted to the sweet white stuff. Who I am does not matter as much as what I do. That is make recipes, review some snacks, and try and make life easier.

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