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What is Keto?

There is a long answer, and a short answer. Considering that I am focusing on making low carb life accessible to everyone, I am going to favor the later. Keto is short for Ketosis, which is a metabolic state that occurs when you have little to no carbohydrates, moderate protein, and high fat intake. Your body stops making insulin, and starts making ketones to break down food for energy.

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Ok, simple enough. What is DIRTY Keto?

That is the complicated answer. A typical “Strict” keto diet involves a very long list of restrictions. No forms of wheat, no dairy, no legumes, etc. It also typically says that there is a hard and fast 20 net carbs a day rule. It makes an already restrictive diet much more so. “Dirty” keto involves sticking to a very low carb life style but letting yourself have some more flexibility. Want some Peanut Butter? Go for it. Found a recipe that has oat fiber? Not off limits. It opens up a lot of options that are otherwise closed. It also helps many people, like me, stay on track with their lifestyle.

Things to know:


Macros are the nutrients in food that make up the bulk of calorie intake. Fat, Protein, and Carbs. Your intake needs may very, but the ratios are typically 70% Fat 25% Protein and 5% Net Carbohydrates.

Fat though?

Yes, fat. Keto works because it makes your body burn an alternate way to fueling your body. Getting enough is hard early in your journey, but will be the biggest thing to help you feel full and get things rolling. After you are in ketosis and fat adapted, you can dial it up or down to help with hunger.

Net Carbohydrates?

Net Carbs are calculated by subtracting the fiber content from the total carbs. There are also TWO sugar replacements that you can subtract entirely. Those being Erythritol and Allulose. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol the body cannot process. Allulose is a rare sugar that has no metabolic impact at all. All other sugar alcohols you have to count at least if not more than half of their carbs toward your daily count.

I dunno. I love pasta and bread.

Who doesn’t? That is why I am making this blog! I am a pasta lover… and I hate cauliflower. When I want mac and cheese I want something that TASTE like mac and Cheese. Hopefully some of my experiences, recipes, and reviews can help someone out there feel good about changing up your lifestyle.

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Amazing Resources and Inspiration!


High Falutin’ Low Carb

This is my favorite Low Carb Youtube channel. Wes is not at all preachy, he is laid back and he credits everyone whose recipes he creates. His personality is full of southern charm and I trust he has amazing sense of taste. Huge inspiration, and I recommend highly.

I breathe I’m hungry

This is my go to website for recipes when I am not playing with making my own. It is a more traditional keto recipe site, but there are still a lot of innovation.

Keto Connect

Matt and Megha created something special. Accessible, informative, and creative. They have a style that is hard to describe but you would just describe as “THEM”. Their website is highly informative and has a lot of great beginner resources. Check them out!

Wholesome Yum

When I fail to find what I want anywhere above this website usually can spark some inspiration. Lots of staples and a nice layout to boot.

I recommend using My Fitness Pal to track your macro nutrients. You can always ween yourself off and intuitive eat once your are more adapted to the lifestyle, but early on this helps so much. Most of the nutrition information is correct and it makes it a lot easier on you. I have a link below. There are others out there as well so check the app store and find one that you like!

None of the above links are sponsored, nor are they affiliates. I wanted to just shout out some good inspiration. This blog is a hobby and not a job. I want to provide people with the best information I can and make Keto less daunting. It’s rough to start, but has helped me immensely with weight loss, and feeling better overall. I am just a thirty something trying to do my best, and want to enable the same in others. ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

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